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A mining farm based on video cards is designed like a regular home computer, in which there is a clear bias towards graphics performance. When choosing a video card, you first need to pay attention to its hash rate – how efficiently the graphics processor can search for a solution to a cryptographic problem. In addition, do not forget about power consumption and price, as well as the age of the card, as used devices may be in poor condition.

A mining farm is promising, but you need to choose the right equipment and calculate the entire economy, find a suitable location with favorable electricity rates and other conditions. It is quite difficult to build a mining farm alone, especially given the many aggravating factors such as equipment repair, thermal insulation, and huge electricity bills.

Is there an alternative to classic mining? Yes! This is cloud mining: this process involves renting equipment from a large mining farm remotely, which allows absolutely everyone to use mining, both beginners and professionals in the field of cryptocurrencies. 

One of the most promising representatives of cloud mining is MAXusdt. MAXusdt is one of the world’s leading hash power providers, with cryptocurrency mining capacity to suit everyone from newbies to home try miners to large-scale investors. The company supports cryptocurrencies that promote privacy, collects minimal data on users, and only asks for information that is required to comply with rules. The organization offers a range of programs to meet the demands of any investor, as well as a profit calculator to help calculate potential outcomes before deciding which plan to invest in

MAXusdt Referral Programs and Rebates

MAXusdt has incredible referral rewards that you must take advantage of by sharing your referral code with your friends and family in order to earn a large amount of TRX. This is an alternative method of making money. There are three kinds of referral rebates: invitation rebate, trading rebate, and deposit rebate. The referral rebate below is all based on the first person you invite will be referred as user 1 , if user 1 invites the second person will be user 2 and user 2 invites a person will be user 3.

Invite Rebate:

User 1 complete registration, you’ll get 50 TRX.

User 2 complete registration, you’ll get 20 TRX.

User 3 complete registration, you’ll get 10 TRX.

Trading Rebate: 

Based on your down-line mining revenue per time.

User 1 collects 500 TRX daily revenue, you’ll get 50 TRX(10%).

User 2  collects 500 TRX daily revenue, you’ll get 25 TRX(5%).

User 3 collects 500 TRX daily revenue, you’ll get 15 TRX(3%).

Deposit Rebate:

Based on your down-line deposit amount per time.

User 1 deposit 10000 TRX, you’ll get 1200 TRX(12%).

User 2 deposit 10000 TRX, you’ll get 100 TRX(1%).

The basic account profit is determined by your VIP level, which you can find here. The higher your VIP level, the higher your income percentages. The daily revenue percentage ranges from 4.0 to 12.0 percent, while the daily withdrawal percentage ranges from 2.6 to 8.0 percent. The VIP level recharge is calculated based on your total recharge.



VIP 3  RECHARGE (50000-199999) DAILY REVENUE  (6.0%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (3.2%)

VIP 4  RECHARGE (200000-499999) DAILY REVENUE  (7.0%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (4.0%)

VIP 5  RECHARGE (500000-999999) DAILY REVENUE  (8.0%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (4.5%)

VIP 6  RECHARGE (1000000-2999999) DAILY REVENUE  (9.0%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (5.5%)

VIP 7  RECHARGE (3000000-4999999) DAILY REVENUE  (10.0%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (7.0%)

SVIP  RECHARGE (5000000-99999999) DAILY REVENUE  (12.0%) DAILY WITHDRAWAL (8.0%)

Final Thought

Since there is a rising interest in cryptocurrency mining as the cryptocurrency market matures and gains greater acceptance, cloud mining can be a great alternative to hardware mining. It comes with lower upfront investments and commitments and is considered to be a highly cost-effective option. Having advanced technical expertise is also recommended. While cloud mining or even TRON mining may not be for everyone, it is definitely promising and can be immensely rewarding over time.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. This article does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation of any security or any other product or service. Furthermore, nothing in this article is intended to provide tax, legal, or investment advice and nothing in this article should be construed as a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any investment or security or to engage in any investment strategy or transaction.

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